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Moong Dal

We bring forth the purest range of Moong Dal, processed in the most hygienic and safe environment using latest technology. Finest quality Moong Dal from all over the world is picked and as being one of the major importers directly from Australia, we keep all promises and commitment given to our esteemed customers as wholesome quality product. Using advanced processing equipments and machineries, we are capable of meeting bulk requirements in a very short span of time. We have installed capacity to clean each & every grain, eliminating undesired dust, grains, dirt, stones & other foreign elements. Thus, we are acclaimed for offering nutritiously packaged and processed Moong Dal at the best price. Processing and Packing is done in highly hygienic condition.

Moong Dal Varieties :

Moong Sabhut 777, 888 Moong Chilka 777, 888
Moong Talai 888, 999 Moong Dhowa 888, 999

Packaging of Moong Dal :

1 Kg 30 Kg 50 Kg 100 Kg

Chana Dal

We are one of the largest suppliers of wide variety of Chana Dal to our various esteemed clients in food industry. Procurement plays as a vital role in getting quality product. We get black Chickpea (Gram) produced through contract farming or outsource only the outstanding variety of gram to process Chana Dal. First time in India, The processing of dal has been revolutionized by introducing technologically advanced colour sortex (By Satake, Japan) which transformed an ancient tradition into a contemporary technology. A multi-step testing of grains is done which includes moisture test, damage discolour test, taste analysis, size shape aspect, add mixture etc. Completely free from harmful substance and chemicals, they can be availed in the best packaging facilities and at highly competitive prices. We have installed capacity of 1,40,000 tons of Chana Dal annually.

Chana Da Varieties : 

777 Regular, Dry 888 Regular, Dry 999 Dry

Packaging of chana Dal :

1 Kg 10 Kg 25 Kg 50 Kg

Moth Dal

Pan Brand is one of the leaders in providing quality pulses all over India and across the world. The company has recently launched Moth Dal. The fast growing market acceptance of the product shows the demand of the Pan Brand Moth Dal in the market. We have installed capacity to produce 25,000 tons of Moth Dal annually.

Whole or split moth bean seeds is either cooked or fried. In India, the seeds are traditionally consumed for breakfast, after being sprouted and cooked. The Moth bean pods can be boiled and eaten, and seeds can br ground into flour.

The extra bold size of Pan Brand Moth dal in the market is usually in demand with the Namkeen manufactures, which is not met by any other supplier across India. 

Moth Dal Varieties :

Moth Dhowa 777, 888 Moth Kora 777, 888

Packaging of Moth Dal :

1 Kg 30 Kg 50 Kg 100 Kg
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